Are you a parent or a professional working with individuals diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorders, ADHD, SPD, and other related conditions?

Understand your child’s strengths and skills and learn practical and effective strategies that are useful in day-to-day interaction with them.

In this INTENSIVE PARENTING MINI COURSE, you will be able to individually access the module of your choice from the Intensive Parenting Course.

Let us guide you to implement these strategies that have been proven to be effective, practical and easy!

As a parent with a child diagnosed with autism or a related condition you probably have one wish: for your child to be independent? You want to see them happy and thrive in life. We all want that for our children.

Once you become a parent, you have this innate worry that you always want what is best for your child. We get that as we are not only professionals in the field of autism, but also parents. 
We want what is best for your child, right from today. We also want to go above and beyond other services and help you become the expert, we know you are. The inner guru wants to say YES to progress and functional goals for your child, and NO to expensive therapies where goals are not generalized to the most important environment - your home.

We have gathered all the successful strategies from Speech therapists, Occupational therapists and autistic adults and compiled these into easy-to-implement and PRACTICAL ways for you and your child to be successful and THRIVE! 

Become the expert TODAY! Decrease cost, increase independence, communication and engagement with your child. We can't wait for you to see the positive difference this course will make for you, your child and your entire family!

What is included?

Waste no time and Become The Expert...TODAY!

A testimonial from one of the many parents WHO FOUND SUCCESS THROUGH THIS PROGRAM:

What others say about the

Autism: Intensive Parenting Course:

"What AIMS helped me with is I now understand my daughter... I did the training course and as a parent, I can't express enough how much I've learned from that... I see that there are so many facets to this growing child and helping their brain and not only thinking about the things that are maybe more visible like her change in routine but even things like mindfulness and helping her to calm down...

I fee like I know Catherine now better than ever before... Honestly, how she is from six months ago, she is a different girl... Seeing your child happy is a phenomenal thing...

Catherine now, she feels safe and I know that AIMS is a huge part of that. I really recommend giving it a try, doing the training course, getting yourself familiar with what their philosophies are. It is such a valuable skill. I can't recommend it enough."

Hi, I'm Nanette

I am not an expert because of my years of studies or the experience I have working with children diagnosed with ASD, ADHD, SPD, etc., but rather because everything I believe in, I apply to my own family of three lovely children.

I have worked for many years in the field of special needs education and together with Karla Pretorius (psychologist), we came up with a holistic support system (AIMS) where we include children's specific interests within teaching concepts to support functional communication, independence, successful coping skills as well as emotional regulation.

We have seen first-hand how our children go from 40hrs of 1:1 therapy towards a more integrative, play-based environment and learn naturally, without a clinical setting or an out-of-date rigid program.

I am excited to take you on this journey where I will share the secrets, strategies, and tips we have gathered through many years of working with children diagnosed with ASD (and related conditions), their families, and other professionals in the field.

You know you are the true expert, I will help you believe this more confidently by ensuring your child is calmer, more in control of his or her emotions, and making progress, happily and naturally!

Aim for AIMS with me and let's do this together!

Just another course?

Not at all. We created a holistic support system - AIMS (Awareness, Interests, Movement, Sensory) in collaboration with autistic adults. We focus on your child's strengths and create interest-based activities for your child to be intrinsically motivated, instead of working for short periods with their reinforcer. Our goal is for your child to be independent, happy, communicative, and understood. This way therapy can be decreased and each child can become independent members of society, finding a meaningful and purposeful life and goals for their future.
A future where you will be taking part in their lives, instead of taking charge of it.